Thrift Shop: Items to buy for baby’s arrival

One of my best friend is having her first child, and she’s frequently asking us, her momma friends, what the necessary things she should buy now that she’s just a couple of months away from the big day.

I still remember my shopping list when we were preparing for my son’s arrival. It also was just our first baby so I was clueless back then.

So I told my friend that she should have a must-have and a nice-to-have shopping list. I didn’t just copied what I had on mine before, but I also listed down the items that I wished I had bought after the baby was born.


  1. Swaddle Blanket
    A lot of it especially if they were to stay at the hospital for so long. But I advised her against buying so much. Maybe having 2 or 3 original swaddles for themselves to own is good enough, and just ask for more used items from families and friends. You could also have one that would serve as a bath towel
  2. Cloth Diaper
    This can be bought in bulk, and it’s okay to have as much as we could, because they could serve both as nappies and as towels for the baby. Although they could ask friends they gave them some of these, I think it’s safer to stick to brand new.
  3. Reusable Diaper
    I only bought like 3 pairs of this, because I usually just use disposable ones. The ones I had I only used as back-up to times when we’ve used up our stash. Call me lazy, but the reason behind not pursuing this reusable was my lack of patience removing stains on the cloth. I find myself unproductive spending so much time on this while looking out for a newborn at that time. But the cloth here I also use sometimes as sponge in bathing the little one. And the cover up can also serve as cute undies or pants on hot days.
  4. Disposable Diaper : Newborn
    It depends on the budget, but I’m a hoarder so back then, I would buy packs of 30’s every payday. Sometimes I wouldn’t just buy the Newborn size, but I would throw in big sizes as well. Though it’s not good for the environment, this is something that I love to stash up on times when we have extra money, because they don’t expire.
  5. Baby Bath Soap
    Also one thing that’s easy to stack up with. My advise is to just buy one thing that could also serve as shampoo. Don’t buy shampoos yet, especially if you’re not sure if baby’s gonna have a lot of hair.
  6. Baby Oils
    A must-must-must-have! Manzanilla de Aciete for gas in the tummy, and Alcamporado which we could use instead of Vicks Vaporub. If you could splurge on something, buy coconut oil and aloe vera extracts, very good for any skin rash or bites.
  7. Set of good baby clothes
    My advice, the same as the swaddle blanket, just buy a few that you could have and use for going home from the hospital, and just ask for more used clothes from friends. No need to splurge that much here, especially if you’re not someone who would always outside a lot. Long and short sleeved, and sleeveless are a must for tops as you would be using it daily at home. Onesies and tights are some items that you would want to wait for your child before you buy because they grow up fast.
  8. Baby bottles
    If you must buy the smallest bottle, make sure that it has a cap lock so when you need to use it as breastmilk storage bottles. These ones they would be using maybe until 3-4 months, after that you would want to upgrade to bigger bottles. So my advice is just buy bigger ones. Also, like in my case, I only bought these as back up in case I’d have problem breastfeeding. So maybe wait for the baby and his/her preference before buying so much
  9. Adult Diapers/Extra Newborn Diapers/Maternity Pads
    This is something that I forgot to buy before, though the hospital provided some adult diapers. I don’t prefer these though because they are uncomfortably huge. Buy as many as you could, so that you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Plus you could always use it on your heavy flow days if it was too much.
  10. Alcohol, baby wipes, tiny earbuds and a lot of cotton balls.
    I didn’t buy so much baby wipes before because I prefer just dipping cotton balls into water to clean up my baby’s bum. This is safer and much more cheaper. I would use wipes only when we go out for doctor’s appointments.


  1. Breastfeeding pillow
    I would have been inloved with it if I had one before, as my son’s so heavy and he’s direct latching so much on his first months. I wouldn’t also mind having one still (I still don’t have one. Haha).
  2. Breastfeeding Cover
    This is something you could use for so many reasons, even in the office when you have to pump, or in the car when you have to change your bra. But it’s a not really a must have as you could always just use and cover up, a shawl or even baby’s blanket if you have to breastfeed in public.
  3. Car Seat
    We didn’t bought one until we realized we will be going out at least once a month for baby’s regular check up and holding him in the car just doesn’t feel that safe when he’s so tiny and fragile. But this isn’t something worth splurging on, so you could just mostly have one by borrowing a friend’s or buying one at a garage sale.
  4. Stroller and Carrier
    My husband and I have a love/hate relationship with stroller whenever we go out. Sometimes, we’re thankful we brought it, and there were times when we just want to leave it anywhere because our son wouldn’t want to ride it. Maybe the best thing here is to have the baby accustomed to being in the stroller or the carrier so that they wouldn’t throw any tantrums whenever you had to use it.
  5. Breastpump
    Having this on this list is actually more of a preference. But honestly, buying one is the most greatest thing I’ve done as a working mother. It keeps me from breastfeeding my son on those first few months. But it’s something that has to be bought before the baby comes out. Remember that most of the times, it’s after the baby was born that the milk comes in.

This, though, is a personal list and I cannot reiterate more that I came up with this based on my experience, of what I did bought and the things I wish I had before. Something that I also regretted was not thinking about myself and my needs as I shop for baby’s stuffs. It’s also a big deal to us, mommies, after the delivery, and so we should prepare things that we need on the big day and after. I suggest piling up the cabinets with regular comfy clothes that would somehow make us feel better about ourselves, asking the husband to change the bed sheet, making sure that the skin care regimen products we use pre-pregnancy were bought and ready soon as we got home, and a lot of healthy snacks and feel-good food are within reach.

That’s it for this week’s Thrift Shop! Next week, come back and read about items that mommies need after giving birth.

sign-20170112Writing in buns,


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