A Month Recap and What to Come in the Year – 2017, January

Kong Hei Huat Choi!
The yuletide season is never over until the Chinese New Year arrives, well, that’s as far as my family is concerned.
This month marks my first year anniversary of being a stay-at-home mom. There are so much emotions that went on last year, and a lot of changes.
This year, though, we were greeted with unending possibilities and opportunities. I can only celebrate as much as what the year of the hen would bring. Included in the celebration is my first year of finally learning how to work out WordPress and have (for the nth time) updated and gave a new look to my blog.
I also celebrate the continuity of my first ever fiction story, publishing every Thursday’s. Here’s the first episode. I, too, am excited for Margo’s love life and I can’t wait to write everything I’ve ever imagined about her.
Together with my son’s milestone, I am glad to share as much information as I could, hoping it could help new mother’s, like me, out there. Thank you for all who visited and read the blogs. I know so many sites that could have written so much better than I do and could provide more insights. I could only share what I have experience, what I have used, what I have had, with just enough, sometimes less, resources. This just proves that financial capability is never an excuse to be a bad parent.
Also, within 2 years of being married, I’m also excited to write more things about being a wife, I mean, how I am as a wife. Sometimes, I wonder if my husband and I are the only couple who do certain things, with certain rituals, and would always ask if other normal husbands are the same as mine. Well, please help me figure that out once I wrote about it.
I hope you enjoy the few things I’ve written as a start of the year, and here’s to seeing more of each other! I am always on cloud nine whenever I see your names popping out of my email inbox, liking my posts, it’s so overwhelming!
Remember that I’m not just here to talk about myself. If there’s anything you want to discuss, just leave a comment or email me.
 Writing in buns,

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