Love Challenges to Surrender

I remembered my first ever serious relationship. I was in college, and I were a different person then. I was so thin, so depressed, so alone. Funny how I had a partner and I have never felt so left-out. I had no friends, my parents hated the way I acted, I don’t have time to talk to my siblings.

Of course, you know that that guy wasn’t the one I ended up with, but it’s so funny how I was so sure back then that we were meant for each other. The thing is I think it’s just that I was so afraid to lose him because without him, then there’s no one left behind for me.

A decade after, I met my boyfriend turned husband. We have fights and struggles along the way. But oftentimes, we’d just be chilling out, eating and bonding and watching movies without me worrying that after our date, there’d be a huge fight.

I realized that if the love is right, everything will fall into place. So we should not settle on a relationship that gives us constant fear and depression. No one should live a day worrying about something in their life that can be changed.

But what if, you say, you were trapped in a relationship that keeps you struggling for air every single day? Let me ask you something, do you really think that if a love was meant for you, God will give you so much problem just keeping it? I don’t think so. Let’s try to clarify some of the relationship problem.


My parents don’t like my boyfriend.

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For this, you have to weigh things. For many of us, most of our parents have given up their dreams just to give us a good future, to have a diploma, or good clothes, or a shelter. On that note, do you think if they doesn’t like our boyfriend, it’s a question on their judgment? Mind you that they have been in our situation, they have mingled with a million more people than we are. That why I don’t think that it’s not worth ripping your relationship with your mom & pop just because you think a you’re better off with your boyfriend than your family.


I’m going away.

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If you were give the best chance of your life to work abroad, then make the long distance thing work. It’s not as hard as before, especially now that we have all the facilities in our hands. Make use of the Internet. But if something in your mind is telling you that it won’t work, then that means you either don’t trust him enough to leave him, or you don’t trust yourself. I mean, let’s get real real here, because being real is being fair. If in the end, you two are really for each other, then you’re bound to meet again one way or another.


Someone loves someone else.

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Photo from Modern Family. Site here.

Again, being real is being fair. There’s no point in holding on to someone who feels very passionate about another person aside from their partner. It never really works out, unless both of the parties love other persons. But that’s pointless!


He’s cheating.

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It really is your choice if you can forgive. But remember that with forgiving, you also have to forget. You cannot have a relationship with someone who you would have to take care of  and then always bringing up the cheating issue. It’s good if you can work out on the relationship, if he can promise you he’ll never do that again. But with that note, you also have to let go of that mistake, because you also have to take care of yourself.


All of this, you have to think of what will happen after so many years. Do you think it will still work out? Do you think it’s worth saving. I tell you this, though. RELATIONSHIP DOESN’T NEED SAVING. It should be easy and fair and full of love. All of the mistakes are easy to forgive, and you will easily forget or let go of those issues that you have, because if not, it will bulk up and eat you up inside. And remember, what is the point of having this relationship if you can’t see yourself spending your life with this man. With that thought comes the responsibility of taking care of the family, and that would not work if you also have to take care of your partner in every single thing that he does.


Writing in buns,



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