Planning and Forgetting

Photo from of 2 Broke Girls.

Of course, it took me several months to get over Nate. Even today, as I celebrate the holidays, over 5 months after his “Proposal”, I still feel depressed. I keep hitting the replay button in my head when that day took a miserable turn. How did I end up here, celebrating the most happiest holidays of all, alone and lonely. You know that single moment that you knew your life has turned around and you’re back at zero, again. No one to hold, no one to hug, no one to say “I love you, too.”

“Stop it!” I got distracted by Luke’s nudge. “You’re thinking about him.”

I can’t say anything. I don’t even want to try to deny it. These people around me, they were the no-judge circle I have after Nate.

“I say, we fix you up! I keep telling you this.” It was Jane, and true that. She gave me enough time, 3 days, before she brought up a hundred men she wanted me to date.

“And she’s not ready yet!” The thing I love about Luke is I have someone on my side so that I don’t have to waste time arguing with Jane.

“When will she be ready?” She asked, exasperated. Then held my hand. “New Year’s coming. Are you going to be in that state forever?”

“Just give her a few more time.”

“Oh, time! It’s ticking. Marg, you’re not getting any younger.”

I mildly laughed. “Ha ha, thank you for that. You’re such a nice friend.”

“I’m just saying.”

We opened a bottle of cheap wine, ate our meatballs which the three of us cooked and fought over an hour ago. Jane started Netflix, and we stayed up until 3 am, talking and half-watching Masters of Sex.

At midnight, while Dr. Masters and Dr. Johnson’s are in the middle of observing 2 patients having sex, we decided to open our presents for each other. I got them both overnighter bags. I opened my gift from Luke and it was a mermaid blanket. And then, Jane’s little rectangular box of gift for both of us. It was a ticket out-of-town.

I was shocked and amazed with her gift, but I know why she picked it. She’s been wanting to drag me out for a vacation for a long while, and it was kind of my fault that she missed summer this year because I was just too emotional to be happy over the break-up.

“Jane, I don’t know if…” I started.

“Don’t say anything yet. It’s a blank plane ticket. We can go whenever all three of us are ready.” She answered.

I looked over at Luke, and he seemed kind of pleased and is waiting for my next reaction.

“Well, here’s the thing, guys. It is more than just a vacation. I wanted you to see something. I bought something for myself. Actually, half is given by my dad. You know, he wanted me to be serious with business and all that. And then, a friend offered me to buy their beach house, which I think is so big, so I said yes and I wanted to do something with it.”

“Do what?” sometimes, I wonder how she became my friend. She’s filthy rich, and so annoying most of the times. But I am so touched that she thought about us.

“I wanted to do something that binds us. I wanted a business. With you guys, as my partners.”

“Are you building a hotel?” Luke asked. He sound excited, and actually, I kind of am, too.

“Not that big. I wanted us to be the first group of tech people in that area. There are a lot of hotels there already, small ones. Maybe hostel is the right term? But I wanted to offer them a product or a service of some sort…” And Jane bored us with all of her plans.

Not really bored us, the opposite, actually. She wants Luke to be the tech guy who created some program, and I’ll be the marketing person. She wants us to see the place, to appreciate and create as much opportunities as we can.

For the first time in a long time, I somehow forgot Nate, and the heartaches and the chaos of the last 5 months. I started to look forward to the future, my future with my friends. This is something that I feel good about.


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