Remember the Small Things when Breastfeeding

I believe I am lucky to have it easy on breastfeeding my child. I didn’t had any pains which makes it easier for both of us to just enjoy the moment. However, there were I wished we had prepared before hand which could have taken nursing to a whole new level of comfort and no stress. I have also realized several unexpected things that goes together with breastfeeding.

I have compiled a few of them, things that I can only remember now.

  • You’ll never know thirst as before.
    Seriously, you will imagine what happens inside your body once you felt the thirst while breastfeeding. It feels like all the water in your body is sucked on by this tiny little monster. Better to invest to a good water bottle, something that’s easy to grab with one hand while you’re holding the baby on the other. I also would have love those with straw. There would be times that I’d be lying down next to my little one and he asks for my breast, and then I’ll feel the urge to drink. So that would have been nice.
  • Under boobs sweat.
    The thing with me is I was flat chested. I don’t have cleavage so I haven’t experience boob sweat before this. Now though, it’s always there. I would always experience hot flashes, especially when they’re full. Sometime, you don’t even know if that’s milk or sweat. What you would want is to not forget a towel wherever you are.
  • Dry nipples.
    Had this just now, when my son had graduated from feeding every 30 minutes. I didn’t really bought any expensive creams or ointments, and most of the time, only when I remember it, I would put in some aloe vera or coconut oil after each feeding.
  • From erected full boobs to saggy.
  • As I’ve said, I’ve been a no-boobs girl all my life, so going back to before is not a problem. But the thing is you would definitely notice it, the moment your breasts are full, to just losing all that’s in there, and I would see mine and the skin are so elastic and all of it are being pulled down by gravity. It’s not a really good sight.
    Okay, the first few days are amazing. Or maybe first few months. But then there would be times that the baby demands that he nurses until he falls asleep, and it would take like three hours to do that. Yes, it’s exaggerated, but it would help if you have a book or a phone with you so you wouldn’t feel so bored. Once I forget that I had to wait so long until my son fell asleep, then it makes it easier for me to anticipate our next nursing session, not dread it.

The best thing is to have a quick mini ritual before you take your baby to your nursing chair. Make sure that your water bottle is nearby, and you have your towel and a good book with you. It helped a lot to have an area where we will constantly feed, and I have already have some of these stuffs nearby our seat. Also, I thanked my husband a lot who already knew his part whenever we position ourselves for nursing time, he’s the one to prep up the water bottle, he makes sure it’s always full and refilled.

There’s of course a few more things to note, okay, maybe a million things. The big things are already given, like a nursing pillow, breast pump (if you’re into that), any many more. But these small things, we sort of always forget about, and they are the ones that meant a lot. You want to make a habit of these small ones so you wouldn’t add stress to your brain when feeding. It doesn’t always have to be what our baby is comfortable with. Whatever mommy’s feeling, baby feels, too! So make every moment as enjoyable as it is for you, and you’ll have a happy baby as well.

Writing in buns,


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