New Friends

It took us half of the year time on our own. I had only to advise my current Project Manager to take me out of team, and right after, he went out looking for a new guy to take my place, which took him almost a month, and another month to turn over my work. Almost the same goes with Luke, while it was so much easier for Jane.

We spent another 2 months planning the product that we could offer. I buried myself with our work, and spend so little time outside. It was so good that I had to save my little resources, I cannot spent long hours at our local grocery store because that’s where we used to buy our goods. I also went back to cooking my meals, since I can’t stand eating at the restaurants we frequented with Nate.

“You know you can borrow money from me, right?” Jane offered, nonchalantly.

“I know, but I don’t need it for now. Sometime in the future maybe.” I just replied.

We spent almost every night planning our and our marketing strategies. In the morning, I’d wake up and right after making coffee, I’m in my front of the computer, creating presentations for Jane.

The group decided to not talk about the work every weekends, when we go out for dinner. Although we don’t have a formal business hours yet, we tried to keep it on weekdays, as normal companies do. We met different other people who could join the team. Jane offered to gave me full salary even though we aren’t full on operating yet, so I declined the offer and asked her to just gave me a huge signing bonus once our first client comes in.

After six months of preparation, we are ready to go on our island trip to meet our potential clients. We were to stay for a whole month at Jane’s newly purchased beach house and we will see from then.

The house has 4 bedrooms and a huge living room, which we decided to turn to a small office. Luke and Jane and I had our own rooms with our own TV and closet. The other spare room was converted to a conference. All was set few weeks before we even arrived.

The first three days in the Chancella Island was spent touring around, seeing the attractions, and the vibe of the people. I had enjoyed the tour so much that I was so thankful we get to stay for at least a month. We were so lucky to have been escorted by Jane’s local friends which, she said, used to be her playmates whenever they came here for vacation once a year. They were warm and funny people, 2 couples (one married) and one single guy and girl. We went out almost every night for a drink.

At the last night of our 3-day touring, we went out on a classy bar where customers had to be members of the resort club. Ian, the single guy, and Chester, the married one, both Jane’s friends, were VIPs.

“So Jane, are your city friends here a couple?” I heard Chester’s wife, Dianne, said to Jane, with a whispering gesture.

Jane looked back at us and shrugged. This girl isn’t someone she’s approved of, obviously.

“If they were a couple, I’d never be friends with them.”

Dianne laughed, totally not getting the joke.

It wasn’t really offending. Had I been an outsider to our group, I’d also think Luke and I are dating. I’ve been very clingy with him since we got here, because Jane’s too happy she doesn’t want me to suck all her happy energy. Thus, she spent more time with Chester and their friends.

The night life started, and we settled on our VIP lounge, with non-stop alcoholic beverage settled and refilled at our table. The other people would once in a while stand up to dance or to play poker on the other side of the hall. Dianne, with Yna and Sid(the unmarried couple), settle with their own conversation. I, as usual was tied up with Luke (or the other way around), while Jane was taking a tour down memory lane with Chester and Ian.

I noticed Luke looking at the poker table, and I knew he’s eager to play to enjoy the night.

“Go.” I shouted in his ear. He was surprised, and I think he definitely still didn’t hear what I said.

I nodded my head pointing to the playing area, and smiled.

“Oh, no. I’m good here,” he said, and laughed nervously.

“Play, just one game. But don’t forget to treat me to dinner when you win.” I insisted.

“Do you want to come and play?”

“No, I’m good here.”

“Are you sure? I don’t have to-”

“Go, geez! This is why they can’t stop talking about us.” I tapped his shoulder and urged him to go to the other side.

When he was gone, of course, I was left to myself. Jane is looking at me from time to time, also offering me drinks and snacks and asking me what I want.

Finally, I stood up and told her: “I’m gonna go check the area. Would that be fine? I can use a time looking around.”

She looked at me with that excited eyes, totally thinking I was going out to hunt some men. I ride on her thinking just so she could let me be alone.

“Do you need me to come with you?” She asked, just for etiquette.

“No, no… I’ll be fine.”

The minute I stood up, I walked around and look for the bar. I positioned myself on a stool, and ordered my favorite tequila sunrise.

“So you’re a tequila girl,” I heard a man’s voice beside me, suddenly I saw  Ian, with his perfect smile. I felt shy because I have the feeling that I’m hiding from the group. I just nodded without a word.

“Glad I ran into you. I am dying to get Jane out of my ear.” He replied, and then turned to the bartender and ask for a new drink for himself. Suddenly, he’s also sitting at the stool next to me. Somehow, I got the feeling that Jane sent him to talk to me or whatever. But I knew her, she doesn’t play cupid with friends who already knew each other.

He turned to me, and then, with a worried look, stood up as if he got burned. “I’m so sorry. I got excited. Can I stay here?”

I smiled. And just nodded.


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