Improving Business, Moving On Life

Photo from The Mindy Project.

Our month long stay here at Chancella Island is almost over. Only a week to go before the make or break. So far, Jane hasn’t even asked about Luke and my decisions for after.

The planning of the company was a success. We’ve started good and strong, but also low-key for we still don’t have that much manpower. My contacts grew three times over just talking to suppliers and new connections finding new clients. The three of us were spending so much time together working.

“Guys, we’ve a big problem,” Jane said one morning when we were having our breakfast meeting. She was late, as usual, as Luke and I are already on our second cup of coffee, VENTI! She sat down, not removing her eyeglasses which covers half of her face, threw her bag (which contains her laptop, but she doesn’t care, of course) on the vacant seat nearest her.

As I looked up to her, I can’t actually see her face with the sunlight behind her. But I was so scared at her news. We haven’t gotten any bad news since we came here.

“We need…” she started and paused, and then quickly followed with: “Tech people because we just closed Hotel Marina!” I tried to comprehend what she just said because it was really fast, and when I understood, I just can’t help but stand up from my seat and hug her. I think I may have also shrieked.

That was our first done-deal client, and they were the first hotel that we went to the very first day we finished with our marketing and presentation materials. I have improved my materials since then, so imagine my happiness that my proposals and presentation skills have closed an account.

Okay, given that that account was actually handed over in a silver platter by Jane’s friend, Chester, we may have had a little advantage. We also gave them a huge discount. But Mr. Javier was not a very easy person to convince, and so was his daughter Marcel.

Since then, the house/office was out of control with two more hotel deals and bagging few small businesses in the area. Luke has gotten a local youngster to help him with other programming stuff. Jane got herself a personal assistant, and all around PA, and I got control over one marketing student who applied as an OJT for us. Aside from that, we have 2 more IT fresh grads to do the tech stuff to the clients.

We’re in our third week in our island and we haven’t gotten any pause since our last party night on a bar.

Good news is Nate’s totally out of sight, no text, no calls, no nothing. Better news, he’s starting to be out of mind as well.

On the other hand, Ian managed to replace Nate’s position on my phone. He would message from time to time, and we’d also talk when I’m free.

Just this morning, after our breakfast meeting, I called him to share more good news. He owns the finest restaurant in the island and they do not open until lunchtime. He would love to come over to the SOHO and bring fine wine.

“Oh no! That’s not necessary. Besides, we don’t allow drinks at the office this early.” I said.

“Alright. How about dinner then?”

“Seriously? You’ll deliver a 5-course meal on our office tonight? For all of us? Free of charge?” I kid.

He laughed. “You’re funny. I mean, the two of us?”

Like a date? I almost blurted out the phrase I feel so naive and pretentious.

The truth is, I don’t think I’m ready for a new relationship in my life yet. Not when I’m just getting started with an independent life of my own.

“Ok. That silence is kind of shameful, but I’ll take that as a no.” He said after my long pause

“I mean, it’s not that. It’s just…”

“It’s okay. No worries. Not that I understand, but I don’t hurry people to be with me.”

“I’m sorry,” I feel so picky and I don’t like playing hard-to-get.

“Hey. No. Okay. I’ll just come over this afternoon bring food for everyone. I also need to talk to Jane. So that’d be hitting two birds.”

“Great. See you around.”

Really, Ian is great and I like his vibe. He is, of course, handsome, like most of Jane’s man friends, Sid and Chester. And they all talk business-y, but never about money. The good thing about Ian is he is somewhat polite, and humble than Jane. A man-Jane is someone I would never have anything to say to, but Ian is approachable. He’s just not someone I would want to mess around with, though.

By lunch, he did came over, as promised. He went directly to Jane’s office after having 2 of his people prepare the packed food they have. Then, went to my office.

“I just came in to say hi…” he said, his head popping in my office door, smiling. “Hi.”

Somehow, I felt a tiny part of my heart melted.


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