Start Something

Admittedly, it’s because of many wrong decisions that led me to a mediocre family┬álife. I know that there’s a lot of other reasons that connects me to the now, but I am a firm believer that everything that happens to me is all because of me.

I don’t want to enumerate those thousands of mistakes I’ve done, because as much as it wasn’t important anymore, it also is just unnecessary.

So now, as I start this blog, I begin to accept the fact that though I’m in the middle of my journey as a wife and as a mother, I can hit reset with my mindset. That can only be done if I do something new for TODAY.

You can, too!

You may not have that 2-bedroom house that you would have want to plan for a re-painting, or that car that you would want to start to drive around the village, but you can start. Think of something small, something little but would give a lot of meaning to your life.

  • Always wanting to start a corporate business? Write a mock-up business plan.
  • Interested in improving your dessert making┬áskills? Try an easy no-bake cake recipe.
  • Dreaming of writing a book? Create a blog.

It doesn’t have to be something grandiose. Just make a plan to try something first. Everything else will follow, especially if it’s doing something that leads you to your dreams.

Writing in buns,

Momma J